Summer Escape - Denim and Ivory Earrings

$ 45.00

2020 has been quite the year. And Summer is about to end. We never got to have our summer escape. Mine was supposed to be the to Keys this year with my friends. But, the Keys will keep. I'm eager to explore that unique ecosystem when it's safer to do so. Even if you couldn't take a real vacation, you can still make a mini-escape with OOAK pieces from this collection.

About the earrings: Sterling Silver leverback earrings are easy to wear and keep your earrings sturdily in place. I recommend wearing them backward as the thicker lever makes for a more attractive front. The 3 glass beads and ceramic disk dangle 3" below the drop.

I don’t know how to describe this blue of the disk beads from @marshanealstudio It reminds me of a denim. I pair these with ivory and a little bit of copper. I only have the earring pair of disks, so no matching necklace, but I did create a simple bar necklace in the ivory beads that goes with the earrings. Mixed metal of sterling silver and copper. Very western feel. 


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