Sand: Swirled Beads (Set of 10)

$ 14.00

Warm golden and ivory sands. A lovely creamy neutral. Snuggling into a warm bed of sand to relax in the hot sun or walking sandy beaches to get your “free pedicure”. I have to admit this swirly mix also reminds me of honey or caramel. But don’t eat it - it would be very bad for your teeth. Just wear it as a reminder of your best vacations.

I mix three colors to make the swirl beads. 

Colors: swirls of Ivory, Yellow Straw Transparent, Light Topaz Transparent



I make each of these glass beads using a process called lampworking. I have a shed studio and use a dual fuel (propane/oxygen) torch to melt glass rods over a mandrel and form them into the basic shapes listed below. A strong ventilation system removes the chemicals that are part of coloring the glass that aren’t good for me to breathe when I’m melting the glass. Then the beads are soaked and annealed overnight in a digitally controlled kiln to slowly reduce the molten glass back down to room temperature to remove internal stresses and toughen the beads.

There are four basic shapes:

  • Spacers 8-12mm
  • Tiny Spacers 4-6mm
  • Nuggets 8-12mm
  • Tiny Nuggets 4-6mm

BEAD HOLE SIZE: The beads are wound on mandrels 1/16” in diameter (1.58mm). If you need larger bead holes for kumihimo, leather cord, cotton cord, or thicker wire, please specify in the notes or in a follow-up email. The other options are: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm.

BEAD SHAPE: My beads tend to lean toward the organic, which is why the size range varies. If you are needing a particular size, more perfect shape, or more organic shapes, please specify.

BEAD STRANDS: I usually string my bead strands on small cards in quantities of 10. I find it helps protect the beads in transit. However, if you are ordering larger quantities of beads, I can string the strands in larger quantities. Just let me know your preferences.

INVENTORY AND SHIPPING: I keep a small stash of about 100 beads on hand. If your order  is larger or I have a number orders, I will give you an estimated date of shipping/delivery.

GLASS WARNING: I’ve made thousands of beads and I make a lot of jewelry using my own beads. I’m pretty rough on my jewelry and it has held up well. However, I will always caution that glass beads have the potential to break, so please be careful with the beads. Also, please exercise caution around children so they aren’t a swallowing hazard for them.

GLASS MANUFACTURERS: I use a mix of glass from Creation is Messy (China), Lauscha (Germany), and Vetrofond (Italy). All are high quality glass in 104 COE (soft glass). I use these three manufacturers because of the range of colors available. 

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