Nihao Y'all!
I am a klutzy glass and silver jewelry artist, surface pattern designs, knitter, indie publisher as well as a girl geek project manager. I have lived in ten states (CA, IL, IN, WI, AK, ME, TX, SC, KS, FL), plus two years in Hong Kong. I have thoroughly loved the adventure of traveling and living in many different places! I am also currently owned by two Maltese dogs, Trixie and Bella.
I describe my style as organic, colorful, rustic, textural, and primitive. I strive to show the hand in my pieces from the texture, rough shapes, patina, dings, hammer marks, fingerprints, imperfections, and organic lines.
Back in 2006 or 2007, a friend I met in Hong Kong introduced me to the art of handmade jewelry. She took me to a bead shop. I was so overwhelmed with all of the beads, I had no idea where to start. I didn't know it yet, but an obsession sprouted little seedlings. When I returned home to Texas, I discovered one of my friends was a handmade jewelry artist. She took me to my first bead show and the creative floodgates broke loose.
As we dove into jewelry, I became more intrigued with lamp work beads and thought it would be interesting to learn how to do. She said that if I ever took a class, to let her know because she was interested, too. A month later, we took an introductory class and were now sucked into the lamp work vortex. I have had to temporarily suspend lamp work when I move or live in rental units that don't want me to do lamp work (it is an industrial art). In spite of forays into polymer clay, silver clay, wire-wrapping, glass is my main squeeze. I also love how silver complements the beauty of these little glass gems.
Beyond jewelry, my artistic interests range far and wide. I've continued to experiment and learn and take art classes. One random class was surface pattern design and I've been making designs for fabric and other surfaces. One of my recent projects was refinishing a bistro table in a bright beach blue. I created my own fabric and printed through Spoonflower and reupholstered the chairs. (Supervised by Trixie, of course.) I've also printed pillows, phone cases, wall canvas prints, cards, and pillows through Zazzle. I have some ideas for an independent magazine that are starting to come together. I've been painting furniture to make my second-hand furniture look more cohesive. I finally "got" knitting! While I still like making scarves, I've actually progressed beyond scarves!

Project Management
As a project manager, I am really a Scrum Master layering in Coaching practices in the Agile field. You might be scratching your head and wondering what a Rugby huddle has to do with IT and how does a klutzy person become agile?
Agile is a type of project management framework that has been developed to improve the management of Information Technology projects. Scrum is one flavor of this Agile framework. Apparently the inventors of this framework of time and project management felt the teamwork displayed in Rugby was an appropriate metaphor for working together as a team on IT projects. It stuck. So, I am a Scrum Master. Kanban is another aspect of Agile software development that originates in Japanese manufacturing practice. I have recently started studying Kanban.
I love using these project/time management principles in the work environment. Of course, nothing is perfect, but I like the frameworks because they offer ways to improve aspects of the work environment. I have found it effective enough that I have been using the principles in my own personal time management. In 2012, I started adapting some of the core principles I have learned from my day job into principles that I can use in my personal life and creating attractive supporting materials to support this process. I've created several prototypes and have been working with this time of time management for a few years and have finally tweaked the process to a point where I'm really happy with it.