Texture & Patina - Rust Series

Have you ever had something get stuck in your head and you feel compelled to follow through? This piece of metal from one of my resident adventures in South Carolina strongly appealed to me. I think the color was the catalyst but as I studied it more, the texture and the patina also resonated with me. This was the seed of the idea for the Texture & Patina theme. I wanted to mimic these colors and the organic nature of the rust in polymer clay. I made a few early attempts, that weren't quite what I had in mind. Recently I started layering colors on top of beads and carving the color back. I loved the technique and experimented with this technique for the Rust Series in blue and rust. This time it met and even exceeded my expectations. The design took an interesting turn when a friend suggested layering in copper and silver leaf. This is a small experimental collection of one-of-a-kind (OOAK) pieces. If you like it, grab it... I don't plan to remake this collection.