Summer Escape

2020 has been quite the year. And Summer is about to end. We never got to have our summer escape. Mine was supposed to be the to Keys this year with my friends. But, the Keys will keep. I'm eager to explore that unique ecosystem when it's safer to do so.

For me, Summer doesn't end since I live in Florida and the weather will continue to be warm until December. I've retreated to an internal escape into creativity to wait out the craziness until it's safe to venture out. 

This little collection starting incubating when I purchased some similar Marsha Neal ceramic beads back at the 2018 Bead & Button show in Wisconsin. When I traveled to Denmark last year, I made all of my ceramic disks into gifts for the new friends I made. I kept pictures as inspiration and bought another batch of Marsha Neal beads in April. Then I worked up a bunch of Creation is Messy new glass colors. I'm combining Marsha Neals ceramics with Creation is Messy's new colors into this Summer Escape collection.

Even if you couldn't take a real vacation, you can still make a mini-escape with OOAK pieces from this collection.