Sticky Note Project Management

Also known as Personal Kanban, the Sticky Note PM is a collection of products designed to make project/task management attractive enough to live as home decor.
History: as a project manager, I am really a Scrum Master layering in Coaching practices in the Agile field. You might be scratching your head and wondering what a Rugby huddle has to do with IT and how does a klutzy person become agile? Agile is a type of project management framework that has been developed to improve the management of Information Technology projects. Scrum is one flavor of this Agile framework. Apparently the inventors of this framework of time and project management felt the teamwork displayed in Rugby was an appropriate metaphor for working together as a team on IT projects. Kanban is another aspect of Agile software development that originates in Japanese manufacturing practice. 
I love using sticky notes in my personal project and task management practices. In order to make the process attractive and worthy of living in my home as decor, I started creating designs that are fun and support small team and personal project/task management. For more guidance on how to use this system, please check out my blog series: Sticky Note PM