Kanna My Studio Challenge - Group Workshop

$ 37.00

If you have an art hobby business and are interested in growing into a profitable art business, you are probably looking for ways to lay a foundation for growth. One of the core things you need to do is organize your studio space. A space designed for a hobby is different than a space designed for a business. 
Group Workshop - meet with a few other local artists and talk about how to organize your studio and start thinking in business terms
  • Group setting and discussion of how to organize studios
  • Workbook to help you think through your big picture of where you want to go with your business (i.e. retail only? Wholesale? Shows?) and how your business model and mindset will impact your studio setup
  • Takeaway:
    • Defined categories for organizing your studio
    • Chaos vs. organization balance identified
    • To-do list based on your business goals and categories


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