Kanna My Studio Challenge - Personalized Coaching Intensive

$ 597.00

If you have an art hobby business and are interested in growing into a profitable art business, you are probably looking for ways to lay a foundation for growth. One of the core things you need to do is organize your studio space. A space designed for a hobby is different than a space designed for a business. 
Personalized Coaching Intensive this is geared toward the artist who is completely overwhelmed and needs to dive into mindset in order to unearth their goals. You need some serious accountability to continue to propel you forward. You are committed and motivated to finally get this done!
  • Four (4) One-on-one coaching sessions (if preferred, one session can be at your studio) spaced out over 6-12 weeks depending on how long you think it will take to get your studio organized. 12 weeks max. Let’s get this done! No more going in circles!
  • Consultation Summary - a summary of our first call capturing your goals for your business and studio and an initial “to-do” list to help you get started
  • Weekly accountability check-ins through email or online task system

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