Kanna Effective Artist

The Kanna Effective Artist Program is a program designed to grow your art hobby into a profitable business by:

  • organizing your studio and streamlining your storage and workstations to support growth
  • while wrangling your business systems (know what to do next, don't forget to follow up with important customers!)
  • and challenging your hobby (thrifty) mindsets to mature into business (profitable) mindsets
  • then we review everything and figure out where to focus and then scour your whole business and look for ways to improve your efficiency.


Kanna My Studio Challenge is the first in a series of challenges designed to focus you on activities that start enabling you to grow your business. This challenge is about getting your studio organized for growth.

If you have an art hobby business and are interested in growing into a profitable art business, you are probably looking for ways to lay a foundation for growth. One of the core things you need to do is organize your studio space. A space designed for a hobby is different than a space designed for a business. 
Would you like to:
  • Design a space you love working in?
  • Make it easy to find your supplies and products?
  • Make your business processes streamlined and efficient so you can squeeze out more time for your art?
  • Have the confidence to know that you aren’t forgetting to follow up with potential customers, send out orders in a timely way, and create an experience that keeps your customers coming back for more?
If you’ve made forays into organizing your studio space into a business studio space, you might already be feeling overwhelmed. I get it. I’m you. 
Who am I? I’m also a hobby artist turning my art into a business. I also struggled with my studio, systems, and business setup. I also struggle with overwhelm - I mean, where did that tool just go? I had it in my hand a minute ago? And after an event, why don’t things fit back in my studio space like they did before the event? My space didn’t shrink did it? Some days I feel like I spin in circles looking for a supply or a tool. I want to breeze through all the non-art-making things so I do more art making! Beside beings an artist, I am also a super organized project manager who has managed large teams and their project work in my day job. I’ve also organized my studio using Marie Kondo principles. I have a mind that can see the big picture and the nitty-gritty details and I know when to focus on the big picture and when to focus on the details. I’ve created a program to loan my brain to you to help you achieve the same organized results.
What will you get?
  • You will get peace of mind and confidence in knowing where everything is located so you can focus on your art making.
  • Make room for getting messy and have a system for “resetting” your studio after a mess.
  • Let the business side of your art be just a little less intrusive as you transition from a hobby to a business by making your studio setup organized, focused, efficient - in a word = effective. 
  • An organized list of action items and mindset challenges at the end of each session.
  • Would you like some guidance and coaching on organizing your studio?
  • Do you want some accountability so you finally get it done?

Work with me in one of three ways:

  • Group workshop (local or online) - 6-10 artists, 3 hours
  • Personalized coaching basic - 4-8 weeks
  • Personalized coaching intensive - 6-12 weeks