Escape Collection: Meander Bracelet - 7-8" Argentium and Handmade Glass

$ 95.00

Meander down to the shore, shoes in hand, bare feet in the sand, toes in the water. Capture that moment in an elegantly simple bracelet that freeze those seaside memories in small, luscious glass beads.


I want you to feel like you can take a mini-escape every day while wearing the beads, be inspired to make an escape to your most favorite vacation, and maybe even dare to live a more creative life.


Handmade glass beads.

6-8" Argentium Silver chain. Please specify your wrist size. I create the clasp with a 1" difference so you can wear snug or a little loose. Argentium is a sterling silver with germanium that reduces the tarnishing. 

Note regarding glass beads: I’ve made thousands of beads and I make a lot of jewelry using my own beads. I’m pretty rough on my jewelry and it has held up well. However, I will always caution that glass beads have the potential to break, so please be careful with the beads. Also, please exercise caution around children so they aren’t a swallowing hazard for them.

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