Cloth Mask - Turquoise with White Polka Dots

$ 3.00


The starting fabric size is 9" x 14” sewn down to approximately 8.25" wide and 2.75" tall with two pleats. A copper wire is sewn into the bridge for you to mold to the bridge of your nose and across your cheeks and help create a tighter seal with the mask across your nose. The ear loops are 1/4" elastic. There is very little waste using the rectangular form. It is shaped using pleats and wire across the bridge. This allows me to keep the price as low as possible. If the wire is uncomfortable for you, you can make a tiny slit in the mask and remove it.


These are 100% quilting cotton masks in two layers. I've tried a couple of different fabrics while sewing masks donated to people in New York and the easiest to breathe through has been the quilting cotton. One of the first masks I tried was so difficult to breathe through, I could only wear it halfway through my grocery shopping trip.  While a fabric mask isn't an ideal solution to preventing the spread of coronavirus, if you wear it while you're out doing essential activities combined with social distancing, we can do our part to be conscientious about preventing the spread of Covid-19. Based on the articles I’ve read and the CDC website, the goal of masks is to help reduce the spread of the disease by asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carriers. 


These masks are pre-washed before I sew them together. I do not wash them again before sending them out, so please wash them again as soon as you receive them into your house. 

Currently although I’m still working a corporate job, I am able to work from home. I work during the day and make masks at night. Because I live with high-risk people, I am continuing to actively limit my exposure and take continuous precautions when I’m out doing essential errands such as grocery shopping as well as with packages delivered. 


The fabric has been pre-washed and therefore pre-shrunk. Please wash it with your other clothes like you would any other cotton items. You can also dry in the dryer or air dry. CDC washing recommendations.


Why only $3? At the moment I'm only charging slightly more than cost of the basic materials. Because I am still employed in a corporate job, it doesn't feel right for me to profit from the coronavirus while others are suffering financially or from the disease. If I were to lose my job, I will likely price the masks for profit, but still keep the costs competitive and reasonable.

If you do want to contribute more than cost, click here to make an additional donation. There are several pricing options or combinations so you can make a donation to either continue contributing toward more fabric and/or in a pay-it-forward model for others who may not have the funds for their own masks. 


I use the $7.65 Priority Mail Small Mailing boxes for shipping. If you need to use a less expensive shipping solution, you can contact me through my website or social media to discuss less pricey options. 

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