#01 - CiM Micro Collection: Circus Tent (7 beads)

$ 14.60

Circus Tent is a unique color in that it’s clear with very fine lines of color (navy, red, orange, green). It’s a very unique interesting glass. The overall look is an orangey yellow until you get close to see the line detail. 

This micro collection is made up of:

  • Six (6) tiny spacers approx 5-6mm
  • One (1) large hole link 22mm diameter with a 10mm large hole


I make each of these glass beads using a process called lampworking. I have a shed studio and use a dual fuel (propane/oxygen) torch to melt glass rods over a mandrel and form them into the basic shapes. A strong ventilation system removes the chemicals that are part of coloring the glass that aren’t good for me to breathe when I’m melting the glass. Then the beads are soaked and annealed overnight in a digitally controlled kiln to slowly reduce the molten glass back down to room temperature to remove internal stresses and toughen the beads.

BEAD HOLE SIZE: The beads are wound on mandrels 1/16” in diameter (1.58mm).

GLASS WARNING: I’ve made thousands of beads and I make a lot of jewelry using my own beads. I’m pretty rough on my jewelry and it has held up well. However, I will always caution that glass beads have the potential to break, so please be careful with the beads. Also, please exercise caution around children so they aren’t a swallowing hazard for them.

GLASS MANUFACTURERS: The glass manufacturer for these beads is Creation is Messy (China). Kathy Brash is the owner and CiM is an American-Chinese partnership with a glass chemist-manufacturer in China. They create colors that fill in the gaps of the other glass manufacturers I use. They produce high quality glass and are a delight to work with. 

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