Style Shift November 1, 2019 18:18

As I have aged I have found my style shifting. A lot of it has to do with comfort. As a teenager, I loved suits. Loved them. I’ve always mixed suits in with my regular dress-up clothes of a skirt and blouse or skirt and sweater-set. In my 20’s I would voluntarily wear a suit to work even though my job didn’t require it. In my 30’s I had a corporate job that required me to wear a suit everyday. So I did, gladly, for ten years.

I still love suits, but I’ve shifted to comfort. I think that’s a normal aging thing - your priorities shift. I prioritize comfort now. But I still want to look cute.

When maxi skirts came out, I was all over that. And I’m never going back. I love the comfort of a long skirt with an elastic waistband! Even though I have a lot of turquoise in my wardrobe, I’ve been branching out into different colors so I can model and style the different colors I have in my bead and jewelry collections. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the boho style and experimenting with this pretty flow-y style. I didn’t think I could do it well since I’ve also experienced that lovely middle-age weight gain. I didn’t know I would enjoy it so much or that I would get the compliments I have received! So, I’m in for the bohemian style of dressing. One of my recent favorites is this copper peasant style blouse.

Two more things that I can’t get enough of: copper! And White Sands Tiny Nugget beads. These are a nice layering accent necklace for pretty much everything in my closet. I created an asymmetrical necklace with these two to wear. The necklace is long enough to loop around the neck twice for shorter 2-layer necklace. Or long enough to wear layered with the tassel necklace. The copper starts shiny and pretty and looks like rose gold but eventually tarnishes into the copper brown like a well-used penny. I love the patina of tarnished copper.