Mini-Escapes September 27, 2019 09:03

I judge the quality of my vacations by two factors: 1) did I get enough rest and 2) am I ready to return to my routine. By those criteria, two vacations bubble into my top three most favorite vacations. One was lying on a beach for a week in Hawaii. The other was a Caribbean cruise that involved a lot of lying on the beach. Observing the layers of aqua, green, pale blue, and deep sapphire is intensely mesmerizing. Listening to the sound  waters lap and crash on the beach is so calming and relaxing. The warm sand beneath the beach towel cradling you in a soothing embrace. Mmmmmm.... it doesn't take much to get me back there in my memory and those vacations were 20+ years ago! 


2019 (C) Jacyn Damera


While the idea of escaping permanently to a beachside retreat is beguiling, when I'm rested enough I start getting bored. And wanting to return to my routine. And work. Yes, I enjoy the stimulation of work - whether it's challenging mental labor or hard physical labor, I enjoy a good days work. My ideal mix of a routine is part time paying work, full time volunteer work, and a happy hobby on the side. I am most content and energized with that blend of activities.

As I mentioned I enjoy mentally challenging and stimulating work. I love particularly gnarly and interesting conundrums that make me stretch and think. In the middle of those brainiac sessions, I find it necessary to take what I call a "brain break" or a mini-escape. I stare out at the crepe myrtles or palm trees outside my window or fiddle with the necklace or earrings that evoke memories of those vacations. Those little reveries tend to reset my brain, take me out of the maze of decisions and options and give my mind a little rest and ready to attack the problem again. 



What about you? How do you take mini-escapes? Fiddle with jewelry? Stare at nature? Grab a coffee? Take a walk? Work out? Other?