Color organizing the glass stash (aka hoard) October 29, 2020 13:31

When I returned from living in Hong Kong, I found myself with a very, very nice stash of glass I had acquired from a lamp work artist who was leaving Hong Kong. I had the stash shipped back home with me. It had not yet reached the hoarding proportions I am currently facing. It was more glass than I was used to though. I bought wine cabinets from Pottery Barn for storing my glass and color organized that batch back in 2011. The storage was very beautiful.


I moved around 10 more times, downsized and sold the cabinets. Upsized and reacquired more stuff. It wasn’t until I built my shed studio that I was able to truly unpack the glass stash. All the moving did a number on the color organization as well as melting rubber bands and faded tags onto the glass. My massive stash also needed a good cleaning.

I have a different set of wine cabinets this time (I liked my Pottery barn ones better, but these work). The problem with these cabinets were they were brown. It was hard to see the glass color against brown.

So, I brought them down to @oceanbreezeinteriors at the beginning of lockdown. She did an excellent job painting these! Look how amazing they look! I loaded the first cabinet with my production stash and small batches of @creationismessy colors. I also have Glass Bouquets of CiM on the top for experimenting. 

It took me about 10 days of evenings (work the day job, take a nap, then spend a few hours cleaning and sorting the glass) to get this project done. And I was definitely in the "swamp"...the messy, ugly middle as you can see from the pictures.  





But I got there in there end.

And it was worth the effort! I know what I have. I can find it! 

And I won't need to shop for quite some time! Very very satisfying to look at an organizing project completed.